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All | C H L N S
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what each participants agrees to during negotiations

Hard Limits
Limits which are firmly in place and not open for negotiation

things that participants agree or don't agree to do. May include items such as specific implements, level of undress, and other aspectsof a scene. See also, "Hard Limits" and "Soft Limits"

process which both parties define what the scene may include. Typically includes discussion of hard limits, as well as what both want to get from the spanking.

Safe Call
contact with a trusted third-party or friend outside of the Top/Bottom pair to ensure the safety of each participant

Safe Word
agreed upon term which, when uttered, stops any and all spanking activity for the purpose of physical, mental and emotional protection

Soft Limits
Limits which are generally in place but may be negotiated with a trusted partner; for example - an implement you are afraid of but may be willing to try with the right partner

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All | B D M S T
There are currently 2 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
noun - term for the role chosen by the person receiving the spanks. verb - to choose such a role.

noun - person likes to brat, generally a Bottom.

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Types of Spankings

All | C D F G M P R S T
There are currently 12 names in this directory
Corner Time
Time spent in the corner, normally used before or after the spanking as a time to reflect on the upcoming or recent punishment

a regimen that develops or improves a behavior in accordance with rules, generally proactive

an enjoyable experience

a punishment style spanking session that play-acted without a violation of agreed upon rules.

Good Girl/Good Boy Spanking
a fun or relaxation spanking used as a reward for good behavior

scheduled spanking that happens at regular intervals to either remind of expectations or maintain consistent stress relief

a penalty inflicted for an offence, generally reactive

a spanking session focusing on using the act of spanking to create a sense of ease, release of current stress and life tension; may involve guided breathing and meditation, and often invoking endorphins through spanking

reinforcement of good behavior through a positive experience, may include a fun, relaxation, or Good Girl/Good Boy Spanking

Role Play
a spanking experience in which the participants play characters other than themselves

Stress Relief
a spanking session focusing on using the act of spanking to create a sense of ease, release of current stress and life tension; may involve guided breathing and meditation, and often invoking endorphins through spanking; see also, "Relaxation"

a spanking session focusing on resolving or temporarily relieving the stress of underlying mental or emotional issues through a holistic approach of talk therapy, guilt relief and endorphin management

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Types of Implements

All | B C F H I J P Q S T W
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Bath Brush
thick brush that has a very thuddy effect

noun - a thin flexible implement normally made from Rattan or Acrylic; verb - to spank with a cane.

Referred to as “Spanking in a bottle,” it crates a heated sensation similar to a spanking when applied to the skin. Often used to relieve arthritis pain. Capzasin is an active ingredient in chili peppers.

an implement that is made up of various tails

Often used as a wooden paddle. Good beginners implement.

noun - like the one connected to your wrist; adjective - a spanking delivered with the hand

object other than open hand used to strike the buttocks (hairbrush, paddle, belt, strap, cane, etc.)

Johnny Loop
a loop that can be made from various different materials, has a very Cane like appeal

noun - a rigid implement, consisting of a handle and a blade, comes in various shapes and sizes, constructed of various different materials; verb - to spank with a paddle.

a forked type of stock whip that normally has two falls at the end

noun - a piece of leather, sometimes it has holes. Delivers a sting; verb - to spank with a strap

noun - essentially a small tree branch used as an implement, normally thin and flexible

a strip of leather split at one end into a number of tails

extremely flexible implement, often Leather (riding crops, single-tail whip, quirt, flogger)

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All | A D L R W
There are currently 6 names in this directory
acrylic acid or a related compound derivative, translucent or opaque; used to make implements

an engineering thermoplastic material known for its flexibility and strength; used to make implements, often Canes and Loops

natural material from tanned animal hides used to make implements

a polycarbonate resin material, often clear; used to make implements

natural material from Palm Trees; used to make canes and Johnny Loops.

Natural material from trees used to make implements

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Types of Positions

All | B D L O
There are currently 5 names in this directory
Bending Over
position with Bottom sticking buttocks out by bending at the waist ususally face down

Diaper Position
position with Bottom lays on their back, bending at the waist, bringing their legs up so their buttocks are unobstructed, see also "Legs Up"

Laying Down
position with Bottom laying face down on a surface, often with a pillow under their hips to prop up their buttocks

Legs Up
position with Bottom lays on their back, bending at the waist, bringing their legs up so their buttocks are unobstructed, see also "Diaper Position"

abbreviation for Over The Knee, a common spanking position in which the Bottom lays across the knee of lap of the Top

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All | A B C D E F L M S W
There are currently 11 names in this directory
Homeopathic remedy used to control bruising. Comes in both Pill and Cream Form.

Pocket of fluid within the upper layers of skin, caused by friction. These can form during or after the spanking

blood pooling in the skin from broken capillaries, caused by trauma. These can form during or after the spanking. Extremely common with the first couple of spankings that a spankee receives

lotion or other product applied to the bottom after the spanking to decrease dryness, bruises or marks

organic chemical released from the brain that plays a major role in the bodies reward driven learning

chemical released by the Pituitary Gland in response to a spanking as the body’s natural pain killer

the feeling used to describe how a person feels after a spanking where endorphins are released

moisturizer applied to skin to decrease dryness caused by spanking

discoloration of or damage to the skin resulting from a spanking (Bruise, Blister, Welts, etc.)

commonly refers to the headspace of being submissive, frequently refers to the endorphin high caused by spanking

ridge or raised lumps on the skin. Most commonly associated with Canes or Whips.

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General Terms

All | B C D I P S T V
There are currently 20 names in this directory
unclothed, naked

acronym for the collected terms ‘Bondage,’ ‘Discipline,’ ‘Sadism,’ ‘Masochism’ (sometimes including ‘Dominance’ and ‘Submission’); used referring to the larger fetish and alternative-sexuality community of which Spanking is a small part

term referring to the buttocks

verb - behavior that includes back talk, snarky comments, and generally pushing the boundaries to intentionally get in trouble

abreviation for "Christian Domestic Discpline," a Domestic Discipline relationship with a Christian religious component

Domestic Discipline
Defined relationship with a Top and bottom to have set rules and expectations, generally within a romantic relationship or when living together

Impact Play
a form of BDSM play that incorporates the striking of the body to inflict sensation

gathering of multiple people sharing a common interest. Often involves, sharing in spanking discussion and/or activities publicly, though this is not required

short for scenario, term generally used to designate the beginning and end of a spanking encounter.

the act of two or more people coming together and sharing in spanking

the act of smacking the buttocks with open hand or other implement

Impact Play focused specifically on delivering or receiving spanks

Spanking Purist
also, Spanko Purist - One who participates in Spanking activities exclusively but shies away from other forms of BDSM play

Spanking Shrapnel
collective term referring to the implements and articles of clothing left strewn about following a spanking session or party

Used to describe the sensation of a spank, usually from an implement, an implement as light and leaves a stinging sensation on the skin that dissipates quickly

the act of one single spank, usually with a cane or leather implement

the act of one single spank

Used to describe the sensation of a spank, usually from an implement, as heavy and leaves a lasting sensation usually deep into the muscle tissue

collection of implements

referring to those who don’t share our spanking interest, or in general, those not interested in any BDSM activity

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