Types of Implements

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Bath Brush
thick brush that has a very thuddy effect

noun - a thin flexible implement normally made from Rattan or Acrylic; verb - to spank with a cane.

Referred to as “Spanking in a bottle,” it crates a heated sensation similar to a spanking when applied to the skin. Often used to relieve arthritis pain. Capzasin is an active ingredient in chili peppers.

an implement that is made up of various tails

Often used as a wooden paddle. Good beginners implement.

noun - like the one connected to your wrist; adjective - a spanking delivered with the hand

object other than open hand used to strike the buttocks (hairbrush, paddle, belt, strap, cane, etc.)

Johnny Loop
a loop that can be made from various different materials, has a very Cane like appeal

noun - a rigid implement, consisting of a handle and a blade, comes in various shapes and sizes, constructed of various different materials; verb - to spank with a paddle.

a forked type of stock whip that normally has two falls at the end

noun - a piece of leather, sometimes it has holes. Delivers a sting; verb - to spank with a strap

noun - essentially a small tree branch used as an implement, normally thin and flexible

a strip of leather split at one end into a number of tails

extremely flexible implement, often Leather (riding crops, single-tail whip, quirt, flogger)