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what each participants agrees to during negotiations

Hard Limits
Limits which are firmly in place and not open for negotiation

things that participants agree or don't agree to do. May include items such as specific implements, level of undress, and other aspectsof a scene. See also, "Hard Limits" and "Soft Limits"

process which both parties define what the scene may include. Typically includes discussion of hard limits, as well as what both want to get from the spanking.

Safe Call
contact with a trusted third-party or friend outside of the Top/Bottom pair to ensure the safety of each participant

Safe Word
agreed upon term which, when uttered, stops any and all spanking activity for the purpose of physical, mental and emotional protection

Soft Limits
Limits which are generally in place but may be negotiated with a trusted partner; for example - an implement you are afraid of but may be willing to try with the right partner