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There are currently 22 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Safe Call
contact with a trusted third-party or friend outside of the Top/Bottom pair to ensure the safety of each participant

Safe Word
agreed upon term which, when uttered, stops any and all spanking activity for the purpose of physical, mental and emotional protection

short for scenario, term generally used to designate the beginning and end of a spanking encounter.

the act of two or more people coming together and sharing in spanking

term for the role chosen by the Bottom in an exclusively BDSM relationship

Soft Limits
Limits which are generally in place but may be negotiated with a trusted partner; for example - an implement you are afraid of but may be willing to try with the right partner

the act of smacking the buttocks with open hand or other implement

the person receiving the spanks, see also Bottom

The person delivering the spanks, see also Top

Impact Play focused specifically on delivering or receiving spanks

Spanking Purist
also, Spanko Purist - One who participates in Spanking activities exclusively but shies away from other forms of BDSM play

Spanking Shrapnel
collective term referring to the implements and articles of clothing left strewn about following a spanking session or party

Used to describe the sensation of a spank, usually from an implement, an implement as light and leaves a stinging sensation on the skin that dissipates quickly

noun - a piece of leather, sometimes it has holes. Delivers a sting; verb - to spank with a strap

Stress Relief
a spanking session focusing on using the act of spanking to create a sense of ease, release of current stress and life tension; may involve guided breathing and meditation, and often invoking endorphins through spanking; see also, "Relaxation"

the act of one single spank, usually with a cane or leather implement

short for ‘Submissive,’ term for the role chosen by the Bottom in a primarily BDSM relationship

term for the role chosen by the Bottom in a primarily BDSM relationship

commonly refers to the headspace of being submissive, frequently refers to the endorphin high caused by spanking

the act of one single spank

noun - a person in a spanking partnership who is comfortable being in either the Top or Bottom role. verb - to choose such a role.

noun - essentially a small tree branch used as an implement, normally thin and flexible


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